Subject: Revenue problems with Accessit Corp. vending machines

June of 2016, after reading an advertisement in a Kelowna newspaper, I did a follow up for more information about vending machines available from Accessit Corp. I phoned them to have a conversation about the machines and money they can generate. As far as I know Accessit Corp. is focused primarily and perhaps solely on supplying vending machines and the content for sale inside said machines.

During my first conversation with Accessit Corp. they asked how I found out about them and I referenced their ad in a Kelowna newspaper. Note that I lived in Kelowna at the time and still do. They told me about a “new program coming online called Vending for Hope”. This new program focused on raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. During the conversation I was told they would mail me more detailed information about the new program and vending machines available.

After receiving the documents from Accessit Corp. and reviewing the content plus further phone conversations with Accessit Corp. I decided to sign up for the program. It's important to note that a primary reason for signing up with them, besides projected revenues that Accessit Corp. indicated in their documents and phone conversation, was conversions with people they directed me to that already had machines generating income. These other people gave me machine revenue figures that coincided with or were even higher than Accessit Corp. projected revenues.

After signing up, receiving and locating 25 vending machines the projected revenues to this date have not come even close to what were indicated. The reason I'm posting this online now is to find any other people in Canada or the US who signed up for the same or similar programs with Accessit Corp. and ended up with the same poor results I did. I wish to have a conversation via either Email or phone with anyone who's in the same boat as I am.

Contact Name: Tom Lindquist
Email address:
Phone number: 250.808.0881

I look forward to talking with anyone who contacts me in regards to this matter.


Your's truly
Tom Lindquist